Monday, July 18, 2011

Kamen Rider Skull: Message For W (Supermovie Edition)

Hey guys, Tack here. I got a new project that I think you'll enjoy.

The concept is essentially the same, taking a series of videos and mashing them together. A friend of mine, Trevor, seeing IXA, did the same idea by uniting the first 3 Highlander movies into 1 "Supermovie" shown in chronological order.

So essentially I'm doing the same as he did with Highlander, but for Kamen Rider Skull.

This Supermovie is a combination of Message for W & Begins Night, and takes place before Episode 1 of Kamen Rider W, and it's time setting is 1999 (Before Kuuga), somewhere around in a non-specific 2000s Year, and 2008. Consider this Supermovie a showcase for the Kamen Rider Skull Character.

This version of the film is essentially in an Alpha Form, as I am willing to take fan input into account and may make changes. I already am not happy with a couple scenes (Missing "Toei Company" logo and some others) and am going to change it for a Alpha 1.1.

I hope you enjoy and please, feel free to ask questions and comments and critiques.

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