Friday, June 18, 2010

Movie 11 Review: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

"Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" is an Animated Comic Book Superhero film starring characters from the DC Comics line.

It was written by Dwayne McDuffie (writer for Static / Static Shock) and starred an All B-List Voice Acing Crew of Mark Harmon (Voicing Superman), Chris Noth (Voicing Lex Luthor), Vanessa Marshall (Voicing Wonder Woman), William Baldwin (Voicing Batman), Brian Bloom (Voicing Ultraman), Gina Torres (Voicing Superwoman), James Woods (Voicing Owlman), & many others.

The story is about Lex Luthor from an Alternate Earth, as the last survivor of the Justice League, coming to "our" Earth to seek "our" Earth's Justice League to take out the villains from his Earth known as the "Crime Syndicate".

the concept is your basic "Heroes face off against alternate versions of themselves", which I enjoy. It's an action film and fan servicy, so it's a "Shut off your brain" type of film.

The Lineup listed below is who appears in the movie as well as their parallel selves.

Superman - Ultraman (No not that Ultraman)
Wonder Woman - Superwoman
Batman - Owlman
Green Lantern (Hal Jordan Version) - Power Ring
The Flash (Wally West Version) - Johnny Quick
J'onn J'onzz - Martian Manhunter
Hero Lex Luthor
President Slade Wilson (Alternate of Deathstroke)
Alternate Rose Wilson
The Jester (Alternate of The Joker)
Aquaman (Who's been nerfed so much he's the leader of the B-Team now)
Alternate Jimmy Olsen
Archer (Alternate of Green Arrow aka Red Arrow)
Captain Super, Uncle Super, & Captain Super Jr (Alternates of Captain Marvel, Uncle Dudley Marvel, & Captain Marvel Jr.)
Black Canary
Red Tornado
Black Lightning (Who has both version shown, both modeled after Static Shock characters Static & Soul Power)

The action is fun and the story is okay. The big problem I had with this movie is how Off Model some of the characters are. Notably Superman, Ultraman, J'onn, & both versions of Black Lightning. Their faces and for some their outfits did not match what was previously done or established. I will say though, I prefer the design of Ultraman's outfit in this movie than in the comics.

The other problem I had was that it fell into the same problem most things that revolve around the Justice League do, overcompensate for Batman and alternatively Owlman. Batman & owlman have no super powers but yet the fate of the Multi-verse is placed in their hands because "we gotta have them on tier with the Super beings" which is BS. It's a lack of creator's thought to just have the guy without the super powers be the best. It's the main issue I have with Comic Batman in general. 70s Live, Movies & 90s Cartoon Batman I'm okay with. In fact, Owlman would make a great villain in the next Batman movie I think. Who better to face Batman than himself?

Overall it's okay, just panders to the older comic reader or cartoon watcher. Sometimes it works, and does so here. Just with little fanfare.

Flickchart Rankings
Worldwide: 6463
Tack Angel: 440

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