Friday, June 4, 2010

Movie 7 Review: Year One

"Year One" is a Buddy Comedy Film that stars Jack Black as Zed & Michael Cera as Oh, and really, that's the movie. It's a Buddy Comedy Film with Black & Cera, and not much else.

The premise of the film is a bit wonky in that it barely fits the name of the movie as it's set in Biblical times, years after the beginning of Time and way before the Birth of Christ. But I'm sure that's because they couldn't come up with a better name, I'm sure people won't take the things that happen in this movie as a historical retelling like, oh say "300". Oh wait, that did happen with "300".

Zed & Oh leave their village after Zed ate the Forbidden Fruit and go of to find a new life. They do every joke you'd think they'd do for the time period (Even though it jumps a lot in terms of time with the locations). Along the way the meet Cain (David Cross) & Abel (Paul Rudd), Abraham (Hank Azaria) and Issac (Christopher Mintz-Plasse aka McLovin'), and the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah.

Jack Black does his Jack Black-ness shtick of being loud and obnoxious (Which works) and Michael Cera does his Michael Cera-ness of introverted talking and nebbishness. David Cross is off-putting as Cain, which is the point. And the small role that Oliver Platt does as the High Priest is hilarious.

It's not the best movie ever, in fact it's pretty mediocre. But you won't hate yourself after watching the movie and you'll laugh at some points, so it's not a total loss. To rate or rank this movie you have to only do it by comparison, as "Year One" does not do well on it's own.

Flickchart Rankings
Worldwide: 3408
Tack Angel: 302

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