Thursday, December 2, 2010

Video Game Demo Review #4 - Indie Games Winter Uprising #2: Break Limit

Game Numero Dos of the Indie Game Winter Uprising is out, and it's "Break Limit" from "Zombie Monkey Games".

As a Twin Stick Space Scrolling Shmup (Shoot 'em Up), can the unique controls for this classic gaming genre bring the goods?

Trailer and me talking about the game, after the jump.

"Break Limit" is a Scrolling Shmup. Now normally with Shmups I'd be able to tell you what direction you'll be going either vertically or horizontally, but that's one of the gimmicks of the game, you go both directions.

You start out going up (Galaga or Ikaruga style), flying your way around space with the Left Analog Stick, boosting through barriers with your Break Limiter with the L Trigger, and blasting away asteroids and aliens using the Right Analog Stick. But then you're given the option to turn a direction, either left or right. Doing so will turn your ship that direction, letting you play side scrolling style (Scramble or R-Type style).

Along the way you can gain different items for points, blue energy balls for boosting your Break Limiter, and different upgrades to your gun like a Spreader (shoots bullets in multiple directions), Pulsator (Green Energy Bullets), & finally a Laser (A long stream of strong light).

There is also a story mode, allowing you to immerse yourself within the world and is not that bad. Humor is in the story too, but it's also in game as well with comments being made with score point items like "Don't Die" or "Pew! Pew!".

This game is quite the exhilarating experience, and the big part of that is the "star of the show" so to speak, the music. Big ups to "Hyper Duck Music Studios" for creating an adrenaline pumping soundtrack for this game. The Neo Classical style is well represented as the chiptunes fill you with excitement, guitar strings pump up your heart, and the piano sways you along for an exciting ride.

"Break Limit" has a great quality polish for the game, more so than most recent Shmups. It's got a decent story that doesn't overshadow the gameplay, awesome music that you could listen to out of game, and gameplay that brings new tricks for the old dog known as the Shmup. And all of this can be yours for just $1 (80MSP), one of the best deals for a fan of genre and one that should NOT be ignored by the gaming population.

Congrats to "Zombie Monkey Games" for making a game I won't soon forget, and one I hope others will enjoy as well. Download the FREE TRIAL or buy the game for $1 (80MSP) here.

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