Saturday, December 4, 2010

Video Game Demo Review #5 - Indie Games Winter Uprising #3: Ubergridder

Oh hey, it's a puzzler. Does "Ubergridder" by "Badger Punch Games" have enough content to make it a worthy $1 purchase?

Bloobity bloo after the bloobity bloo

"Ubergridder" is a game that combines different things together to make a game unlike anything I've seen before. It takes the gameplay and concept of the pen & paper game "Dots & Boxes" and put it with the moving mechanics of "Clu Clu Land" with the objective of a game like "Ultimate Qix/Volfied". I know it may seem confusing, but once you've seen all three and then play "Ubergridder", you'll see the similarities.

In "Ubergridder" you play as a maintenance robot, named Robert, and it is your job to fix your spaceship by walking all around it. Aliens though, the jerks that they are, are trying to stop you and you have a time limit as well. All you have to defend yourself is a small trap known as "Monster Chew", which pauses the aliens for a short while, if they run into it.

The music ain't half bad either, done by the folks at "Xerxes Music". They did a great job of making some great atmospheric music to the game.

"Ubergridder" takes a little bit getting used to, but once you do, it becomes a fun little game. It can be quite challenging, but sadly for the wrong reason, bad hit detection. Let me explain.

Let's say, you are on your last life you are only one line away from winning that round. But, an alien is chasing you and is closely near you. Logic dictates that if you turn, the alien will follow but you'll be able to finish the line. But nope, as you turn the alien reaches across the corner and hits you. It's an unfair advantage that the alien doesn't even have to be on the same line you are in to hit you.

There is a glimmer of hope though with this mechanic, it makes it more challenging. You are gonna have to stay away from the aliens as best you can, and that can be tough, making this one of the harder puzzlers on the 360's Downloadable Service.

It's hard to recommend "Ubergridder" due to it being a puzzler, as there are a lot of puzzle games out there, even the joe shmo type flash puzzlers can be good. This is a game that you'll have to try yourself if you like the mechanics. I like "Ubergridder" as we are most likely never gonna see a sequel to "Clu Clu Land D" and "Badger Punch" made the next best thing.

Download the FREE TRIAL or buy it for $1 (80MSP) here.

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