Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Video Game Industry Review #2: Indie Game Winter Uprising

There are some things that get me really excited and motivated.

Seeing an epic fight with epic music in a Tokusatsu Show pumps me up with high anticipation for the upcoming conclusion. Sonic the Hedgehog saving the day again not because he has to, but because he wants to fills me with inspiration for a greater and more peaceful world. Seeing my niece & nephew coming into their own personalities and standing on their own two feet makes me feel proud that I am their Uncle.

Another is seeing the little guys get their due in a World filled with big guys taking more than their share. And that's what this article is about.

With Microsoft's recent update of their Dashboard OS on the XBOX 360 gave a startling but half expected look on how Microsoft feels about their "Indie Games" service (Formally known as XNA Games).

Previously, Indie Games had their own section along with the 360's Arcade, Retail Game Demos, along with themes and gamerpics. It gave them the credibility that is desperately needed for an Indie Game to sell (Along with "Word of Mouth", Promotion on gaming sites, & oh yeah, a good solid game).

With the new update, it forced the Indie Game section into a "Specialty Section" along with the previously covered "Game Room" games, Music Stores for Rhythm Games, and Items to purchase for your Dashboard Avatar, basically "putting baby in the corner to play with their building blocks" as it were. Obviously this caused an outrage from the Indie Developers and the Indie Game Fans.

Eventually Microsoft relented and gave Indie games their own section again but it still left a bitter taste in the mouths of Indie Developers. So, from the combined thoughts of Ian Stocker (Soulcaster), Luke Schneider (Radiangames), & Robert Boyd (Zeboyd Games) they came up with a positive aproach of making the Xbox 360 Games more noticeable and bigger than ever before in the most simple way ever.

Make a lot of great games, sell them within the normal $1-$5 Indie Game Price Tag, and release them within a close window of each other in a grouped promotional form.

They call it the "Indie Game Winter Uprising" and it's a great idea. One that, I personally, am glad is happening. Everyone loves the little guy in the big fight, so as a fan of Indie Games, I feel it's my job to help them out in any way I can, limited it may be.

So, as I have been doing, I'm going into full promotion mode for these Indie Developers by letting as many people as I know about these games. I'm also going to give each game within the "Indie Game Winter Uprising" one of my regular "Video Game Demo Reviews" since I'm a poor bum living week to week. And if I get the money, will support the effort myself by purchasing said games and do a full follow up Video Game Review of them.

So expect soon, a VGDR of the first game already available "Epic Dungeon".

Till then, a trailer of the promotion

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