Friday, May 28, 2010

Movie 4 Review: Undefeatable

Undefeatable is an Actionsploitation Movie and is probably one of the cheesiest Movies I've ever seen. The lines are delivered horribly, the lines themselves are so cheesy, and it seems everyone in the movie knows kung-fu.

However, there is a charm to cheese movies. It's where you know the actors are of one of two sides, trying their hardest to do well or trying their hardest to do horribly, there is no in-between. The fight scenes are stiff and stilted, and the facial expressions done by our main villain are just laugh out loud worthy. The music is your basic synth and guitar riffs and fits the time.

Undefeatable stars Cynthia Rothrock as Kristi Jones who is an underground Fighter in fights run by the Mafia, trying to pay for her sister's collage tuition. The other parts of the story follows another Underground Fighter named Paul "Stingray" Taylor played by Don Niam who has a Mother Complex and is trying to find his wife, Anna, who he has abused enough for her to run away. Our final star is John Miler as Nick DiMarco, a cop trying to help out Kristi Jones to get away from the Mafia Run Fights. Eventually our Main Characters are destined to intertwine for a fateful battle.

Undefeatable was Produced & Directed by Hong Kong's Godfrey Ho, also known as the "Ed Wood of Hong Kong Cinema". He would often film one project and then use the footage to make 4 or 5 different Movies. Godfrey has made over 90 films (With 40 of them having "Ninja" in the title), he made 60 of those films from 1980 to 1990, so you can tell he was a "One Take, Next Scene" kind of Director. Ever evident in this movie (Notable by the audio of passing cars or airplanes like in a home movie).

This is one of those films where you can't really rate or rank it based on the quality of the script or the acting or the fighting or the music or.....well you get the idea. You have to rate or rank this movie on how well it entertained you, and with the amount of cheese in this film, it's a hard decision.

But God does this movie have some of the cheesiest lines EVER!

Flickchart Rankings
Worldwide: 11,684
Tack Angel: 634

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