Thursday, October 21, 2010

The perils of Gaming #Q: Babysitting Mama

Oh man....where do I begin on this...

Trailer after the jump as well as a mini-rant

One of the things that holds back the gaming industry is sadly games that pander to girls.
And no I don't mean the average girl, I mean games that pander to the stereotypical girl.

Sadly, this permiates the gaming industry in a bad way, as the average girl gamer AND gamer girl (Yes, there's a difference) is not going to play a game like this. And the younger girl is not going to play this either, either they're playing a more quality game or not gaming at all.

This kind of game, is the downer gift that an uninformed Grandmother would give their Grandkid. One that'll either be traded in a Gamestop and thrown away by Gamestop or just thrown away by the Giftee.

The worst part is that Babsitting Mama is from the "Cooking Mama" series that started with a great game and just went downhill from there.


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