Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Video Game Demo Review #2: Pinball FX 2

Here comes "Game Room"'s Cousin, "Pinball FX 2"! And in some ways, it's better than "Game Room".

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"Pinball FX 2" basically is very much like "Game Room", using a completely different format and engine than it's predecessor "Pinball FX".

This time "Pinball FX 2" is free, making it more of a application than a game. All tables have a trial mode (With time and score limits) that you can play as many times as you'd like. To get the Pinball Tables you have to buy them separately, however if you have previously bought "Pinball FX", then all tables from the first game will be imported to "Pinball FX 2" Free of Charge with an updated look for the new engine. A nice feature as a thank you to the fanbase.

"Pinball FX 2" essentially has itself set up where they could add as many tables as they can by them not limiting how many tables there can be, in fact, new tables are being made now and will be available for purchase soon.

The following list is what Pinball Tables are available for "Pinball FX 2"
-From "Pinball FX"
* "Speed Machine," a car-themed table.
* "Extreme," a skateboarding-themed table.
* "Agents," a secret agent-themed table.
* "Buccaneer", a pirate-themed table.
* "Nightmare Mansion", a campy horror-themed table.
* "Rocky and Bullwinkle"
* "Street Fighter II Turbo", a collaboration with Capcom, this table features sounds and music from the original game.
* "Earth Defense", an alien invasion-themed table.
* "Excalibur", a medieval-themed table.
-And new in "Pinball FX 2"
* "Secrets of the Deep," an underwater-themed table.
* "Biolab," a mad scientist-themed table.
* "Pasha," an Egyptian-themed table.
* "Rome", a Rome-themed table.
-And coming soon
* "Paranormal," an alien-themed table.
* "Mars" a Mars-themed table.
* "Marvel", a Marvel Comics-themed table.

"Pinball FX 2" also has some traits from it's Retro Cousin by having Ranked Match (Score on a Certain Table), Superscore (Scores on all Tables), & Pinball Wizard (Scores on all Tables combined with Achievements) Leaderboards. Other goodies include: Split-Screen Multiplayer (A first in the history of Video Pinball), an ability to change up certain parts on the Pinball Table, & Video Chat and High Score Challenges with Friends for Competitive & Co-Op Online Play.

Overall, it's a great game application that is one to check out if you like Realistic Pinball.

Fantasy Pinball though, go check out "Flipnic"

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