Saturday, October 9, 2010

"X-Men The Arcade Game" is back

In a move many thought would never happen, the old 1990s Arcade Game Adaptation of the Comic Book "X-Men" done by Video Game Studio Konami is going to be ported to Home Video Game Consoles for the first time "very soon".

What makes this significant in the video game industry is that it's one of those types of games, because it uses licensed content, might not have seen a port or re-release. It's very much like if a Movie company was able to get the rights to make a movie out of a book long ago, but can't get the rights now.

Another significant thing about this home port is that an entire new generation will be able to play this classic beat 'em up genre video game, as the arcade version was discontinued in production almost 20 years ago.

I look forward to it's coming release.

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