Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movie 14 Review: The Hangover

"The Hangover" is a Buddy Comedy Film directed by Todd Phillips ("Old School") and is the Highest Grossing R-Rated Comedy of all time ($480 Million).

It stars Bradley Cooper ("Wedding Crashers", "Alias", "The A-Team") as Phil Wenneck, Ed Helms ("The Daily Show", "The Office") as Stu Price, & Zach Galifianakis ("The Comedians of Comedy" "Dinner for Schmucks") as Alan Garner.

"The Hangover" is about our main characters taking their friend Doug Billings (Justin Bartha ("National Treasure")) out for a Bachelor Party in Vegas a couple days before his wedding in LA. They wake up the day after and find their hotel room a mess, a tiger in their bathroom, a baby in a closet, none of them remembering a thing, and the soon to be Groom is missing. Thus begins their search for Doug as they unravel what happened the night before. As always, Hilarity Ensues.

The film is quite hilarious and they make full use of the "R" Rating. A lot of what makes the movie good is the jokes, so I won't spoil it. Mike Tyson does a good job of a "guest actor who is not an actor" type of performance, just don't expect an Orson Welles type of lines reading. It would also help for watching the movie to know who "Rain Man" was.

It's not a family film that's for sure, even if your family are all grown up, I don't think it'd be one to watch with your parents (Even if they find it funny, it'd be just awkward). But it's one to enjoy with pals, a spouse, or a large party viewing. Just make sure the kiddies are asleep.

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  1. This appears as if it could be epic! Why have I never heard of it?