Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Movie 21 Review: The Room

"The Room" is a 2003 Independent "Black Comedy"/Melodramatic Love Movie directed, produced, wriiten, & starring (The Orson Welles Quadfecta) Tommy Wiseau ("Homeless in America", "The Neighbors"). "The Room" won the Audience Award at the 2004 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

It also stars Juliette Danielle ("Tempus Fugit") & Greg Sestero ("Nash Bridges", "Patch Adams", "Days of our Lives"). It's minor cast includes Phillip Haldiman as Denny, Carolyn Minnott as Claudette, Robyn Paris as Michelle, Mike Holmes as Mike, Dan Janjigian as Chris-R, Kyle Vogt as Peter, & Greg Ellery as Steven.

"The Room" is about Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) living with his fiance Lisa living life as friends come in and go sharing stories about life, Lisa eventual tires of Johnny and starts a love affair with Johnny's Best Friend Mark because she wants to be happy being a free roamer of love.

This Movie, Oh My God, This Movie is God Awful, it's laughably horrendace, it's painful. The quality is that of a 2 AM 1990's Made for Late Night Softcore Romance horrible shlock.

The acting is "WTF" worthy, the music is nearly non-existant except for the over extended love scenes, and the script is terrible. The moral...I guess, is that...Love should be free? I dunno, I couldn't get anything out of it.

I can't even see why people even like this movie if not for the very quotable bad delivery of lines.

Tommy Wiseau has stated that he made the movie to be a "Black Comedy" (And it fails at even being that) but is called on it by the other actors with them saying it was supposed to be a serious drama.

I can't really say if it's the worst movie ever...but it's pretty dang close.

Flickchart Rankings
Worldwide: 7,081
Tack Angel: 700

I wonder what the Nostalgia Critic has to say about it?

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