Thursday, July 8, 2010

Movie 17 Review: Pretty Cure All Stars DX: Everyone Together☆All Member Group Miracles

"Pretty Cure All Stars DX: Everyone Together☆All Member Group Miracles" (DX meaning Deluxe) is a 2009 Children's Animated Franchise Team-Up Movie directed by Otsuka Takashi (Mainly a Key Animation Artist but also Directed "Superflat Monogram").

The Movie stars the "Fresh! Pretty Cure" team Love Momozono (Voiced by Kanae Oki) aka Cure Peach, Miki Aono (Voiced by Eri Kitamura) aka Cure Berry, Inori Yamabuki (Voiced by Akiko Nakagawa) aka Cure Pine. They team with the "Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Go Go!" team of Nozomi Yumehara (voiced by Yuko Snapei) aka Cure Dream, Rin Natsuki (Voiced by Junko Takeuchi) aka Cure Rouge, Urara Kasugano (Voiced by Mariya Ise) aka Cure Lemonade, Komachi Akimoto (Voiced by Ai Nagano) aka Cure Mint, Karen Minazuki (Voiced by Ai Maeda) aka Cure Aqua, & Milk aka Kurumi Mimino (Voiced by Eri Sendai) aka Milky Rose; as well as the "Pretty Cure Splash Star" team of Saki Hyuuga (Voiced by Orie Kimoto) aka Cure Bloom & Cure Bright and Mai Mishou (Voiced by Atsuko Enomoto) aka Cure Egret & Cure Windy; and finally the Original "Pretty Cure" team that eventually became "Pretty Cure Max Heart" Nagisa Misumi (Voiced by Yoko Honna) aka Cure Black, Honoka Yukishiro (Voiced by Yukana) aka Cure White, and Hikari Kujo (Vocied by Rie Tanaka) aka Shiny Luminous. Fhew, what a large Main Cast!

The film is about 4 different baddie species from the "PreCure" Franchise "Zakenna" (Means "Don't mess with me"), "Uzaina" (Means "It's too bad"), "Kowaina" (Means "I'm scared"), & "Hoshina" (Means "I want it") merge together to form the amalgam creature "Fusion" and it's up to all of the PreCure teams to stop it.

A "Team-Up Movie" for the uninitiated is where the film takes two or more previously established elsewhere characters and have them work together in some light plot. For the Radio fan it'd be like "The Lone Ranger" teaming with "Hopalong Cassidy" or "Johnny Dollar" teaming with "The Shadow". For the TV fan it'd be the crossovers you've seen like "The Flintsones" meeting "The Jetsons" or "CSI: New York" & "Cold Case".

Now a "Franchise Team-Up Movie" is slightly different where they take characters from the same franchise and team them up with characters from a different season of the franchise. This is more commonly done in the "Super Sentai"/"Power Rangers" Franchise, "Kamen Rider" Franchise (They did it frequently in the past and stopped doing it but most recently started doing it again), & for the english speakers whenever the various "Doctor Who"'s have teamed up before. It's different than my previous review "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" because the Justice League is an established on-going separate franchise.

Team-Up Films generally have very little plot as the main attraction is all these various characters meeting each other. So it's all about the Action, Action, Action and "Pretty Cure All Stars DX: Everyone Together☆All Member Group Miracles" has it in spades. We're talking Dragonball Z style fighting meshing with Fist of the North Star style fighting all dressed up in Pink Frills and dresses. Tons of fun kick-ass scenes in the film even if there's barely a plot, and a child nightmare inducing Final Boss. It does get a bit cheesy though when they do a Spirit Bomb/"Everyone Clap Your Hands" type moment but you can get passed that.

There's even a joke that will fly past the heads of those that don't watch Toei produced media frequently. There's been a LONG running joke since the 1970s about whoever dresses in Yellow, in some shape or form, will mention Curry at some point in their show or movie, so that was a treat of a joke for me to get and now you get it too.

"Pretty Cure All Stars DX: Everyone Together☆All Member Group Miracles" is fluff, it's Cotton Candy, it's Popcorn, it's just fun action, and one I recommend to watch. Don't let the "Magical Girl" look fool you.

Flickchart Rankings
Worldwide: N/A
Tack Angel: N/A (But would be placed very high)

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