Sunday, July 4, 2010

Movie 13 Review: Hannah Montana The Movie

Ah the joys (?) of being an Uncle, being able to go through what we put our relatives through in watching kids media. Thanks Norah for giving me some filler.

"Hannah Montana The Movie" is exactly that, a movie set within the storylines and universe (so to speak) of the Television Series "Hannah Montana", but without the laughtrack.

It was directed by Peter Chelsom ("Shall We Dance?", "Serendipty", & "The Mighty") and stars Miley Cyrus (as Miley Stewart & Hanna Montana), Billy Ray Cyrus (as Robby Ray Stewart), Lucas Till (as Travis Brody), & Vanessa Williams (as Vita). Along with other minor characters from the Television Show.

The movie is about Miley's life as Hannah starting to catch up with her, leading the Double Life of High School Student Miley & Pop Sensation Hannah. Her father, Robby, forces her to attend her Grandmother's Birthday as hopefully a way for Miley to re-evaluate what is important in her life.

The movie is exactly what you'd think it'd be, a teeny-bop fluff film with musical numbers and pratfalling physical comedy. It does an okay job as being a film, but any value that's in the movie (And surprisingly, there is), is watered down by the mass-marketing aura & push that the franchise is known for.

It's decent, and only gets out of decent if you're a fan of the franchise. If not, then don't expect much. The good thing is though, it's better than "Spice World".

Flickchart Rankings (The first match up I got for it was vs "Hairspray (2007)". My luck.)
Worldwide: 7,420
Tack Angel: 587


  1. I love the addition of the movie clips! ... Funny comment about the joys (?) of being an uncle. Look at all the wonderful opportunities to go into the world of a pre-teen!

  2. Spice World was arguable the greatest movie of the late 90's. Guess there is no accounting for some peoples tastes. :P